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10-18-2010 / 10:21 AM

This hasn’t happened for a long time: The 737 is outselling the A320 this year by a wide margin. Right now the order race between the two airplane families stands at 432 vs. 185 net orders. Something [...] more

10-13-2010 / 02:46 AM

A reader of my recent blog „Who want to fly with the dinos?“ sent me an interesting document, the breakdown of the costs to own and operate a charter jet. Even though it is not labelled as [...] more

10-11-2010 / 11:17 PM

When Swedish utility giant Vattenfall announced that the new heat and power station it was going to build in Berlin, would burn wood instead of coal everybody thought that this is an excellent idea. [...] more

10-03-2010 / 04:28 AM

Believe it or not – there are industries which haven’t arrived in the 21st century yet. Sure, they use computers, communicate per email and have a presence in the Internet. But when you compare their [...] more